13 Wig Secrets That You Must Know


If you have been wearing wigs for years, there is no doubt that you have extensive knowledge about wigs. But did you know that there is more?

Knowing about these wig expert secrets can transform your wigs wearing experience. We are excited to share our years of training and expert wig secrets to make sure you have the best wearing experience possible! 

Part 1: Natural Looking Wigs

natural looking wigs

Tip 1 - Use a Roll Paper As a Wig Stand

Did you know that if you don’t have wigs stand available, you can easily use a roll of paper towels to hold your wig. This is great for vacations or times when you’ve just forgotten that required withstand element.  

Tip 2 - Rubbing Hands to Style the Fiber

By rubbing your hands together like you’re starting a fire, creating warmth then pressing top of your piece, you can not only flatten excess volume in your back and longer part but you can also tame flyaways. This method has been used for years but many people still don’t know about it. The heat warms up the synthetic fiber and essentially bakes the fiber into your desire position.

Tip 3 - Rubbing Knots to Boost Volume

To gain higher along the hairline of your wig, try rubbing the knots, seasoned wig wearers know that, by redirecting the knots through rubbing, you can gain volume and keep the hair out of your face all day long.

Tip 4 - Spray Dry Shampoo to Make Wigs Shine Free

While some people love the shine of synthetic wigs some will prefer the more medium look of natural hair. Using dry shampoo on wigs is one of the most common remdies for shine. Lightly spray the shampoo on shiny areas and see it yourself how much differences it makes. Be careful to not use too much as it can cause white film to appear on the fiber.

Tip 5 - Accessorize Your Wig

There is no better wig advice than ensuring that you make your wig your own; personalizing your wig with various hair accessories and scarves can give it that personal touch. We’d also recommend trying something new as your style may have evolved since the last time you tried on a hair accessory, and it might just be the missing ingredient to complete a look.

Tip 6 - Apply Makeup

Putting concealer along the part of your piece can add more skin-like element to the scalp area. When you adjust and cut the wigs or you purchase a more affordable piece using makeup can give you more realistic look.

Tip 7 - Put Concealer & Eye Shadow

As you know from tip 6, putting concealer on the part of your piece can add more skin-like appearance. But for these darker knots that aren't getting its line as you like, you can put concealer under the knots and nude eye shadow on top to give you a more natural looking part.

Tip 8 - Darken the Roots

If you look at natural strands, you can notice that the roots are usually slightly darker than the rest of hair. So, a cool trick that makes any wig look more realistic is simply darkening the root area.

Part 2 : Longer-Lasting Wigs

longer-lasting wigs

Tip 1 - Revive Wigs by Steaming

After constant wear, synthetic pieces can sometimes frizz or tangle at the ends leaving your wigs looking matted. Try using a brush on the underside of the hair while steaming the outer side so that you push down more firmly with the steamer. This will help smooth the ends while detangling the fiber leaving your piece looking fresh.

Tip 2 - Keep Heat Tools Clean

It is important to use clean heat tools on your heat friendly synthetic wigs. Don’t expose your piece to dust or residue. Hair spray can make a huge difference and will prevent you from having to wash your piece more often or even replace your wig sooner than expected. Spray it in the air with heat tools holding in the hand and wipe it with cotton pads.

Tip 3 - Use the correct brush

Using the correct brush on synthetic hair is also super important. A wide tooth comb, paddle brush or looped bristle brush are ideal. Vent brushes, round brushes, smoothing brushes and teasing combs should be avoided when it comes to wigs.

Tip 4 - Clean it Before You Store it

Synthetic wigs are sensitive to heat and sunlight over a long period of time. A great spot to store a synthetic wig is in your closet away from dust, animals or small children to avoid any tampering. Many customers prefer to wash their wigs prior to storing which is great maintenance and always recommended. 

Tip 5 - Know its Lifespan

The lifespan of a heat friendly synthetic piece is up to 3-6 months.

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