Pick a Dark Rooted Wig This Season

Last time we talked about how to add roots to your wigs, and we know that dark roots is absolutely perfect for any season—and more importantly, absolutely right for you!

  • Low maintenance - Dark roots are all about embracing your laziness—just let your hair do what it does naturally! 
  • Fashion - Dark roots give you that modern two-tone style without all the effort and upkeep!
  • Look natural - Dark roots help create a illusion that the hair is growing right out of your scalp.
  • Flattering - Dark roots can look seamless, natural, and simply beautiful for almost any facial shape or skin tone.

If you're thinking about going for rooted hair, wigs are the best option when going blonde or any other color for that matter. Safety is what we all consider when it comes to doing anything new to our hair. There is no doubt that a wig will help keep your hair safe and protected from damaging hair dyes on your natural hair.

Below, we've got the looks that will keep you trending and heads turning this season! 

Wigs with Dark Roots

1. 2T613# Pink - If this wig took your breath away, that’s understandable. Take a moment to collect yourself. This is a beautiful two tone long straight style. What makes hair color with blonde and strawberry pink tones so appealing is its ability to instantly brighten up and warm your complexion. It goes without saying that its dark roots have the unique ability to add depth and dimension to your hair—not to mention an eye-catching vibrancy! So go for this piece to stay on trend!

synthetic hair pink color2. 2T60# - If you'd love to go natural platinum, this unit is just what you need. Its gorgeous white platinum is dominating the cool new color trend. Makes a bold and beautiful statement. It is oh so cool! What makes it a perfect unit is that it incorporates darker roots to keep your look from coming across costumey.

full lace wig synthetic hair 2t603. 2T103# - When you can’t decide whether you want to go completely blonde or keep your natural shade of brunette, there’s bronde hair. Here, dark roots are applied 2 inches in length and the rest of the hair is kept a light shade of brown or blonde. Its grown-out roots look intentional and not like you missed a hair appointment. This style is available in lace front and full lace collection!

high quality synthetic wig blonde color4. 2T613# - This is another option for going to dark roots. The layers here start past the shoulder. The undetectable lace top allows you the ability to part the hair in any direction. Plus, the eye-catching honey blonde color definitely makes a statement without being flashy. You can’t really go wrong!

best blonde wig synthetic full lace wig

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