How to distinguish true and false Kanekalon Futura fiber?

FUHSI care about beauty, but FUHSI care just as much about the safety of our products.

Why choose the kanekalon future fiber?

We have the same philosophy: Bring the Beauty and Safety products to our clients.

For over 50 years, Kaneka company have been at the forefront of R&D and manufacturing for synthetic fibers geared for creating the finest hair products. Because they care so much about the safety of our products, they developed a technology that made their fibers especially safe and flame-retardant.

To maintain their highest standards for beauty and safety, they are constantly developing and testing new technologies. They are proud that their Futura® products meet and exceed the safety classification of V-0, which is the highest performance in UL 94, the Standard for Safety of Flammability of plastic materials.

You know you can trust FUHSI products for the ultimate in beauty and safety base on using Futura fibers.

Maybe you have a question?

There are so many brands claims that they are using Kanekalon future fiber,  how can the customers distinguish true and false.

That is very easy, watch the video first

Watch to see what Futura, flame-retardant hair can do for you

1)Cut some fiber samples from your wig ,

2)take the action as the video, please be careful when you do it,

you will get the answer.


Now, can you make sure if you get the real wig made by Futura fiber?


Life is not always easy, protect yourself start from the wigs, beauty with safety, you deserve to have it.



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