How to Add Roots to Your Wig


For years, wearing wigs was something to hide or be embarrassed about. For a long time, the idea of having roots was considered to be unacceptable. However, just like the temperature changes with time, the hair trends change too. Now the rooted hair trend has been seen all over social media and worn by our favorite celebrities in a full range of different styles. 

Why Rooted Hair is in

Why Rooted Hair is in

  • Natural Look

Most wig wearers want their wigs to look as realistic as possible so that others will not know they are wearing wigs. Rooted hair can be your best-kept secret. It enables you to try any hair color without looking too unnatural. For example, someone has black hair wouldn't put on a platinum wig and call it a day, instead she would choose a platinum wig with 2 inches of dark roots so that the wig would look close to your real hair without sharp contrast.

  • Cost-Effective

Rooted hair delivers the latest two-tone look without much upkeep. Besides, you will get to save cost because it's a look you can do it on your own, without the help of hairdressers. There are so many coloring possibilities for rooted hair: shadow roots, ombrés, balayage, glazes, extensions, or even a quick dye blend.

  • Low Maintenance

The roots start at the tip of the hair, which doesn't need re-dying as often, thus saves a lot of time, cost and effort. Roots on wigs only require re-dying every season.

  • Volume

The roots provide depth and dimension to your hair, which makes it appear voluminous. If you are looking for a dense hair look, then go no further than a rooted style.

How to Add Roots to Your Wig at Home: Sharpie Method

How to Add Roots to Your Wig at Home Sharpie Method

What You Need:

Sharpies, 70% isopropyl alcohol, Q-tips, hair clips and a wig comb.

Step 1: Dividing hair into sections.

Section your wig hair along wefts using the pointer part of comb. Clip all the rest of hair up when you have a starting section at the base of your wig.

Step 2: Coloring the weft hair. 

Start coloring the hair section with a sharpie. You can make them however long or short you want (two inches long will be better). Just color across the whole weft.

Step 3: Applying alcohol and blending. 

Put rubbing alcohol onto a Q-tip and use it to blend that root edge out. The alcohol on the Q-tip will make it so that you manipulate your dyes a little bit. This step will pull down the sharpie color and blur the lines between sharpie and the color of the wig.

Step 4: Coloring the top hair. 

And then you just go weft by weft, starting at the bottom and working your way up until you finish coloring every other weft on the whole wig. When you reach the top of cap which may not adopt the wefting system. Then you can section off thin layers and keep on coloring.

Step 5: Brushing the hair. 

Once you finish all the coloring, you’ll love how these roots look like on the wig. When you brush the wig, you can see it’s rooted all the way through.

Watch this video to get quick and easy dark roots.

How to Add Dark Roots to Your Wig at Home: Hair Dye Method

How to Add Dark Roots to Your Wig at Home Hair Dye Method

What to Prepare:

Acrylic ink, 70% isopropyl alcohol, a wide-tooth comb, pins and a bowl


Section the hair as the above method.


Mix your dye into a mixing bowl as per the box’s instructions. Be sure to protect your clothing with a cape to ensure your dye doesn’t get all over (yikes)!


Apply the dye to each section of hair, starting lightly at the top and applying more as you go down. This will help you to get that faded look and maintain your natural roots. To ensure a natural look, avoid perfect or even application. You want the dye to blend in from top to bottom.


After the hair is covered in dye, put it up in a bag or towel to let it sit — this will speed up the process and ensure your hair absorbs all of the dye. Mix the toner in another bowl, and then apply it to the hair. The toner will provide that glisten and shine to the hair to help it look natural and healthy. 


Lastly, shampoo, conditioner, then rinse your wig hair and voila!

Shop for Dark Rooted Wigs

As we have learned, adding roots to your wig is easy. However, it does require some time. Of course, if you want your wig to stay perfectly rooted with zero effort, treating yourself with a rooted wig is always a fun and foolproof option!

Shop for Dark Rooted WigsWould you ever try these methods to add roots to your wigs? What things have you tried to add roots to your wig? Let us know in the comments below! Click here to shop our full collection of dark rooted wigs.

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