How to Thin out a Wig

My mother is a wig newbie. Recently, she purchased a wig online. When she opened the package, she immediately fell in love with its style and color. It seems just perfect for her all together. However, when she put it on, it just didn't look like what her had imagined. It looks and feels way too thick and just very bulky and unnatural. Still, she wanted to make it work, and decided to thin it out. But eventually, she gave up on the wigs due to less confidence in styling.

Some people like my mother are seeking ways to thin the wig out.

Don't be upset. In this article, I'm going to help you find some ways on how to thin out a wig to get a more natural appearance. Keep reading!

(ps. Of course, a professional hairdresser is the perfect person to thin out the wig for you. But if you like to have a go yourself or maybe you are balling on a budget and are looking for a cheaper option you can thin out your wig yourself.)

How to Thin out Wig Hair: Tools to Prepare

If you grabbed a pair of scissors from the kitchen thinking they could do the trick, put them down immediately. The fine teeth on thinning shears only trim hair to create a realistic look. Make sure that you are not using the regular scissors or cause more damage and split ends. Hair clips are useful when splitting your hair into sections, and a hairbrush helps to brush out the cut hair.

thinning shearsHow to Thin out Your Wig with Thinning Shears

Now getting started.

Step 1: Determine where to thin

Put your wig on a wig stand or head form and combing or brushing the hair to take out all the knots and tangles. Now you have to determine where you want to thin the wig and think about how density the hair looks when appearing. Most often you may start around the face.

Step 2: Clip back the top layer

Despite how hard you are trying not to leaving marks on where you are thinning. It always seems to happen even if you are super careful. Clip the top layer of hair back. because that going to do is going to will cover up where you are thinning underneath.

Step 3: Thin it out

Place a 1/3 section of hair in the shears. Make 1 or 2 cuts and pull up. Start at the top of the hair, not the bottom. When thinning out, sticking with the middle of the hair, not the outer layers. Additionally, try avoid cutting too close to the root, or you’ll get short stubby hairs that stick straight up.

Step 4: Remove the excess hair

Comb through the section of hair you hold in your hands to remove the excess hair. The comb captures a small amount of hair set free by the thinning shears.

thin out a wig

The goal is to have a nicely blended cut. Blunt obvious lines will look choppy. If you encounter a layer looking too blunt, twist up the hair and cut it at a 45-degree angle to achieve a wispy look.

Now that you’ve learned for making your wig less thick, go ahead and try some of them out!




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