How to Stay Cool in Your Wig (Expert Tips)


With hot sun and a hint of unprecedented heat in the air, we are starting to think about summer. Summer is well on its way! The right amount of sun exposure eases depression, improves sleep quality, heals some skin disorders, triggers the body's production of vitamin D that is essential for bone health....

How to Stay Cool in Your WigHowever, wearing wigs in the summer time can be challenging. Because being stylish is a must for all seasons, Fuhsi Wig has tons of tips to help you rock the most gorgeous summer hairstyles while staying cool.

TIP #1: Choose a Synthetic Wig

Human hair wigs are great in cool weather, but you might want to transition to synthetic in summer.

There are several reasons that you should switch to a synthetic wig:

  • Made from lightweight fiber, synthetic wigs are much lighter than human hair wigs. It will get your head more comfortable and cooler.
  • Synthetic wig comes with style memory, meaning they won't get sweaty or frizzy in heat and humidity like human hair wigs.
  • It will not fade or change its color in the sun as easily as human hair.

TIP #2: Go for Short Hairstyles

Short wigs are a terrific option for the summer months. Whether you choose a pixie cut, a shaggy style, or a bob, they can be a trendy do especially for warmer seasons. Short wigs have less hair that means less weight, therefore you will be cooler with it. With hair off the neck, they will make your body temperature drop by about five degrees.

Go for Short Hairstyles

TIP #3: Pick a Lighter Hair Color

We all know that wearing dark in summer will soaks up a ton of heat that cause you sweat quickly, and some people start wearing white because lighter colors don’t soak up the heat in the same way that darker colors do.

The same goes for wigs. Lighter colored wigs absorb less heat and therefore stay cooler during the summer.

If you’ve ever wanted to try going blonde, now’s the time!

Pick a Lighter Hair Color

TIP #4: Embrace Updos or Braids

It may be hard for you to choose the summer hairstyles between updos and braid. Pulling all your hair up off your neck and back can help you stay cool because it takes the weight off your neck.

Braids look natural and allow you to control too much hair and keep cool.

Embrace Updos or Braids

TIP #5: Opt for a Lace Wig

Choosing a wig that allows your scalp to breathe is very important. Using lightweight and breathable lace to make sure that there is airflow inside the wig, lace wig is a awesome option for those who sweat often. Among the type of lace, French wig lace is thicker and rougher than HD swiss lace. The later is the most lightweight and airy one, which can help you avoid hot and uncomfortable feeling in summer.

TIP #6: Select a Wig with Less Thick Hair

According to the orders we received, most girls love thicker hair. For lace front wigs, thicker hair can better cover the weave tracks, but believe it or not, a good quality lace front wig also can get good coverage even has a bit less hair. 

And another option is to thin out your wigs, learn how to thin out a wig here.  

TIP #7: Wear a Hat or Scarf

Continuous direct sunlight can also break down the fibers of your wig. The easiest way to protect your hair would be to cover it with a funky hat!

Hats and scarves not only look stylish, but they also protect the longevity of your wigs.

In addition, don’t store your wigs where they will be exposed to top heat, for example, near a window or in your car.

Wear a Hat or Scarf

TIP #8: Wash Your Wig More Often

When you don’t wash sweat out of your wig, it collects and weighs down your wig.

And if you’ve read this far, you should know that extra weight in your wig during the summer is always a bad thing. It is ideal to wash your wigs more regularly to expel overabundance oils and sweat caused by the rising temperatures.

Wash Your Wig More Often

Hopefully, these tips will help you stay cool in wigs this summer. What's your favorite tips for staying cool in your wig? Let us know in the comments!

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